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The Park, let's work all together

The Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park is a public service mission body, created in 2011 to both conserve and enhance the natural richness and to foster the economic and social well being of local communities within the Park.

  • Its actions locally concern municipalities, communities, or the entire region.
  • Its actions rely on local elected members and a network of partners.
  • Its actions seek innovative ways to tackle problems.

The Parks actions have to be collectively led otherwise they won't succeed. They depend on the communities, men and women living within its borders.

Elected members, professional partners, and residents... find out the different ways to work with the Park.

A Support

The Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park asks the municipalities and communities to enable innovative and experimental projects. The Park is committed to support you on 13 issues.

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Work with us

The natural Park might need to recruit to realise its missions:

  • Staff for short or long missions
  • Trainees in different fields

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Government contracts

Go and look for the list of public consultations in progress for the Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park.

A link with the specialised website "" enables you to download the different consultation projects.

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Assessment of the Park actions

The Park has worked to strengthen the local rural life since 2001: Developing economic, social and cultural innovations; Conserving and enhancing the extraordinary natural landscape surrounding us.

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Cooperation plans

The communities represent an operational level being a key to the state intervention. That is why the Park has got to know perfectly these communities and creates a working environment to better work with them.

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Une veillée sur les vieilles forêts

Une veillée sur les vieilles forêts

Conférence de Gilbert Cochet sur les « Vieilles forêts », 2 février 2018 à 18 heures à la Maison du Parc à Jaujac.

L’UNESCO confirme son soutien aux Géoparcs

L’UNESCO confirme son soutien aux Géoparcs

Signature d’une convention entre la Commission Nationale Française pour l’UNESCO et le Comité National des Géoparcs de France, le 13...

Mécen'Ardèche soutient le Partage des eaux

Mécen'Ardèche soutient le Partage des eaux

Mécèn’Ardèche met six projets valorisant l’Ardèche sur le devant de la scène dont LE PARTAGE DES EAUX !

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