Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park

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Sports and outdoor activities

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Discover climbing sites, canoeing, paragliding, orienteering, cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing, on your own or with a qualified professional guide. Please be very careful to respect, maintain and protect the surroundings and the heritage sites.



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Do you feel like being well guided ? The expert guides working under the Park Label (Marque Parc) are real ambassadors. They offer quality strolls with a warm welcome, a professional service, helping you to discover the area of the Monts d'Ardèche.

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Naturally shaped by the water, the Park owns a high number of bathing spots, mostly by the rivers.

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With more than 3000 km of running waters, most of it first class rivers, The Monts d'Ardèche offer breathtaking natural surroundings and a quiet change of scenery as well as exceptional fishing. Many different fresh water species can be fished, among them the fario trout, the grayling, and the salmon.

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The steep mountains of the Park are perfect for climbing in wonderful surroundings. Find out the climbing sites in the region of the Monts d'Ardèche Park.

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The Monts d'Ardèche offer activities in the winter too! The Ardèche mountain stations on the wide plateau more than 1000m high, allow a smooth downhill or cross-country skiing, leaving the crowds behind, enjoy this spectacular environment, an enjoyable winter experience for the whole family.

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The adventure courses set in the wild nature of the Monts d'Ardèche will delight adults and children.

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