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Image bourlatier artFor over ten years the Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park has invited you to discover its richness of the knowledge and artistic skills, meeting these talented creators in the heart of their workshops.

Fine craftsmen, artists, visual and work in the villages, valleys, and the slopes of the Monts d'Ardèche, welcoming inhabitants and visitors alike in to their workshops most of the year.

This new address book edition of the « paths of creation » presents 142 artists and craftsmen whose workshops scatter the Park.

When you discover the diversity and quality of the skills, knowledge, materials and techniques presented in this notebook, you support these professional activities. Numerous workshops and lessons are on offer.

These artists and fine craftsmen, have developed a workshop network thanks to the partnership made with the following local communities (Communautés de Communes): Le Haut-Vivarais, Le Pays de Lamastre, Le Pays de Vernoux, Le Pays des Boutières, Le Pays du Cheylard, Le Pays des Châtaigniers, Le Pays d'Eyrieux-aux-Serres, Le Pays de Privas-Rhône-Vallées, Le Pays d'Aubenas-Vals-Antraïgues, Le Pays du Vinobre, Le Pays des Grands-Serres, Le Pays Source de l'Ardèche, Le Pays du Val de Ligne, Le Pays Beaume-Drobie and Le Pays des Vans.

Visit these craftsmen and find out an original piece of art inspired by the natural surroundings and landscapes of the Park, reflecting great human qualities.

The Workshops

Visit the 142 craft workshops spread over the Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park.

You can search for the workshops by theme (sculpture, painting, pottery, photography etc...) or by geographical research ( places or local community).

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Portraits section

A certain number of artists and makers' portraits have been made for the "path of creation" project.

Take a look at them.

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Actions of the Park

The Monts d'Ardèche natural regional Park has created and supported many local events allowing the artists and craftsmen to present their works.

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Project officer: Sandrine Bacconnier


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L'Echappée du nord

L'Echappée du nord

  Tournon-sur-RhôneChâteau de Tournon : Exposition de Elsa Tomkowiak30 juin – 4 novembre L’artiste plasticienne Elsa Tomkowiak...

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